“We know ourselves as part and as crowd, in an unknown that does not terrify. We cry out our cry of poetry. Our boats are open, and we sail them for everyone” (Edouard Glissant, “Poetics of Relation”)

My name is Dr Alessandro Corio and I am from Italy. For the next two years I will be a Marie Curie Research Fellow working on Caribbean literature with Dr Louise Hardwick in French Studies at the University of Birmingham (UK).

This blog’s purpose is to present my research as a work in progress to other scholars who work on the Caribbean.

I would also like this blog to be a useful and interesting tool for members of the public who are interested in:

  • Caribbean culture and history
  • “Francophone” cultures: the cultures of peoples who speak French throughout the world, particularly in the Caribbean, Africa and Canada
  • Postcolonial Studies
  • The African diaspora and its cultural and political expressions
  • How literature plays an active role in imagining and configuring new strategies for living as individuals and as societies in an increasingly globalized, multicultural and relational world
  • What it means to be a University researcher today

Through this blog, I aim to construct a network of exchanges and relations, because I am firmly convinced that intellectual research, even if it needs a good deal of solitary work, only grows through exchanges! So I’m using this blog to share and receive feedback on my research as it develops.

CARIBIOLIT is the acronym of my research project’s title: “Caribbean Biopolitics of Literature. Shaping Life, History and Community through the Transformative Power of Literature”.

Contact details:

Telephone: +44 (0)121 415 8152

Email: a.corio@bham.ac.uk

Address: Ashley Building – Room 413 University of Birmingham Edgbaston Birmingham B15 2TT UK


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